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Economy at this time is so difficult ...

To meet the needs of a day - the day higher. The higher the level of unemployment. Sendripun not have enough income to meet keburuhan family. But we do not upset .... There surely have a solution for the problem. Important that there is a willingness to pray and always will be surely achieved what we expect.
This may help provide a solution for you .... and probably will change your life to the best of the previous day. Whether you are still in shortage and you are not yet even have its own revenue to increase tuition and jajan you.

This could be a solution ...

This could be a matter that is very useful ...

This could be a case that can be life ...

This can be a science which is very valuable ...
Program DUTA BUSINESS SCHOOL DBS that I presented is the property of PT. DUTA INTERNATIONAL FUTURE, the company's address and Bandung.


is E-Commerce Company engaged in the field of education and Enterpreneur Pulsa Agent Electronics with a profitable system. Founded in date. November 10, 2007

with the precursor: Bp. Agung Budi Febrian P.

The advantage of this business are:

1. Become Agent Pulsa (free refill technology through HP Personal service all GSM / CDMA can be used in all of Indonesia).
2. Enjoy cheaper phone service for life.
3. Auransi Life (accident) gtratis Rp. 10.000.000, --
4. Enjoy Discounts & previllage in more than 5000 marchant renowned throughout Indonesia.
5. Get free e-book worth Rp. 750.000, --

Surely that everything is made as a means toward happiness ... essential to the future of the most well ... to a keridhoan the owner of Hosts.its DBS


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