Has Your Computer Slowed to a Crawl? The Right Way to Fix it Without Spending Much Money

Has it happened to you yet? Has your computer slowed down in a big way? Does it take forever for applications and web pages to load, even if you have a lightning fast internet connection? When you try to start up or shut down your machine, does the process take forever and a day? Are there times when your computer just freezes up all of the sudden?
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You may be wondering what is going on when this happens. Well, the answer is that your Windows registry has become corrupt. How does it become corrupt? Well to answer that, let us first look at what the registry is, and what it does. The registry is the database which stores files and entries that Windows relies on in order to operate your PC in a working fashion. The computer would not work without this registry. Windows also places files in the registry on an ongoing basis. Because of this, the registry will eventually get too big, and that's when you start seeing the system slow downs. There is no way to avoid this from happening.

So how do you fix this? Do you have to take your computer to a repair shop? Fortunately no. Do you have to have a lot of expertise in order to fix it yourself. Well, yes, but even those who possess these skills often do not touch the registry, because of all the things that can go wrong. Instead, they opt for a registry cleaner, and you should too. It will scan your PC registry for problems, repair them, and will kill them in the future.


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  2. Sometimes even registry cleaners just don't work. I've experienced that for a couple of times and the only solution I could think of was to backup my files, reformat my hard drive and set up the whole system, which is tedious. But as the doctors always say, prevention is better than cure. So I suggest not installing unnecessary programs or stuff that may clutter your entire registry.


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