Casio watch allow much more than you think

Nowadays watch are not as popular as for example mobile phones. In most cases smartphones and mobs replace us this device. However watch remain popular attribute of any businessmen, because it is much easier to look on them at a hand than to search somewhere in the pockets for the lost phone. So I suppose I've convenience you in importance using this gadget.
The Casio Digital watch represented in this article is the usual watch combining in a lot of remarkable functions. Between the coolest features we meet the next:
- supporting the world's time and 24 time zones that help you change time anywhere you'll be and allow orienting in time and in space;
- 8-digit calculator, isn't it great for a clock? We've so used to novelties in the field of technologies and even we are lazy to count or make calculations in our mind. And what for, if we have such a remarkable watch here, at hand?
- 300 pages of databank and the same for Telememo(WOW!!!);
- Waterproof watch;
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- Super backlight for time viewing;
- shared memory for both Schedule and Telememo including the function of memory protection;
- search function for fast access to the necessary information;
- Sort function released for ordering the data;
- Auto repeat function;
Measuring unit of the watch is 1 second. There is a built-in time signal that appears every hour to remind about rapid time. An auto calendar will remind you what data is today.
The price of this watch is 79.99 USD. This black-colored Casio watch will suit to you perfectly!


  1. WoW!!! Keren uey...
    Tapi harga ny. Mending gw bli d glodok. Cm 25rb. Hehehe...

  2. wah...jamnya keren... tp harganya juga keren hehehe

  3. klo boleh tau dapet job ini dari mana dek?, bagi2 dong...hihiihi..

  4. waduh...hrgnya brpan ya??? cukup ga ya duit pake beli...

  5. wew ndak suka pakai jam tangan, kan uda ada jam di hape *love simple*

  6. Salam kenal yah ^_^ jangan lupa mampir juga ke situs ku...

    Liat blogger cakep jagi malu ^_^

  7. jam nya biasa aja ah..kerenan orangnya...hehehee salam kenal...thanks dah mampir ke blog ku

  8. this is a very pretty useful watch. however, watches like this are too big for my wrist!

    have a great day!

    maxi of

  9. wiw bisa pake kalkulator saat ujian nih hehehehe

  10. Memang produk Casio fiturnya canggih canggih ya.

    Saya punya kamera digitalnya.

  11. Jadi inget2 sama jam tangan casio pengukur denyut jantung ku yang ilang gara2 ketinggalan dilocker kantor...

  12. wah teteh dari dulu ga pernah bisa pakai jam...sebenarnya suka sih cuman suka lupa naruh daripada ilang mulu mending ga pake aj hehehe

  13. wah jamnya bagus yah....beli dimana yah...boleh nitip gak?

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  15. Its a perfect watch anyways when it comes to CASIO they are bound to be perfect this is a good piece.


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