Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone, its the best mobile I have ever had but it seems that now the novelty has worn off it is quite easy to pick out some major faults with the phone. I have a black 8Gig 3G model and here goes:
Camera - Its very basic, too basic for such a phone. I think the spec is about 2MP and with other phones coming out with 5MP as standard and camera phones having upto 8MP it just seems that it was chucked in there to say it has one. To top it off there is no functionality at all - no flash, no zoom and video mode.

Speaker - The speaker for music i very poor, but its not this I have problems with. I don’t like to walk around playing my music to everyone, just to me. What I have a problem with is the quality of the calls I receive. I have often had to ask people to repeat what they are saying because the speaker is crackling or just unclear.

Those are the issues I have had with my phone. I know someone who is still using the original iPhone and the battery charge icon has stopped working so you have no idea how much charge you have left i the phone and a friends 3g model decided yesterday that it wanted to stay in the phone option and not return to the main menu or even turn off. Even after a forced restart it returned to the phone menu so there was no way to even read text messages let a lone do anything else.

Looks like there might be a few bugs to iron out before the next version. But like I said, I love it and still would not change it for any other phone!


  1. Love is blind :)
    Walau ada trouble tetep gak mau ganti ya ?

  2. how much neng? expensive exactly..btw vote me at http://riema-ziezie-merbabucity.blogspot.com/2008/12/ketulusan-cinta-itu-mencari-jalannya.html

  3. klo sudah terlanjur cocok emang gitu mbak. rasa nya sayang banget mau ganti, tapi klo sudah ganti pasti langsung lupa :D


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