Kinds of Computer Processors - Making the Right Choice of Computer Processor

When it comes to computer applications, choices will vary across users because people have different needs. It's a good thing then that there are different kinds of computer processors so you can pretty much find one that will suit your requirements.

The basics

A computer processor is in charge of analyzing data and controlling its flow in a computer, functioning as the brain of the computer. Also known as the central processing unit, a computer processor comes in speeds commonly between 2.6 to 3.66 gigahertz and looks like a small microchip in form, made to fit a socket on the motherboard.
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Kinds of computer processors

AMD computer processors - exclusively made by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. or AMD, AMD computer processors provide excellent value and performance, with some models even programmed to feature their own anti-virus protection. Compatible with most commercial computer applications and programs, the models most popular from the AMD line are the Athlon XP and the Athlon 64. The Athlon XP was developed to enhance applications and programs running in Windows XP for more intense graphics and images, while the Athlon 64 is specifically suited for very advanced computers, particularly those using 64-bit programs, allowing for the execution of complex games and software.

Intel computer processors - Exclusively from Intel, the most popular models of Intel computer processors include the Celeron, the Pentium 4, and the Pentium 4 with HT Technology. The Celeron boasts of being compatible with most leading computer software and hardware brands, while the Pentium 4 focuses on handling demanding applications like 3D gaming and DVD authoring. As for the Pentium 4 with HT Technology, it is made to support multiple applications that are simultaneously run, keeping things efficient and increasing response rates.

Choosing your computer processor: a quick tip

Choosing from the different kinds of computer processors need not be difficult. Just make sure you have a good grasp of your needs so you can find the one that is best suited for you.


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