LG Shine KE970

* Design
The concept used in the design of this phone is the concept of sliding shear alias. Series KE970 not armed sensitive keypad keypad so that the whole must be suppressed in order to react. Also scroll button (scroll) can be used to move from one menu to another menu and also a substitute when pressing the enter key.
* Camera
The camera quality on this phone that uses 2-megapixel lens schneider German origin. The quality of this lens with the lens not less carlzeiss output also from Germany. KE970 is also equipped with a zoom plus additional light lights aka flash and video player. However, aka image facilities zoom magnification can only be to capture VGA quality images. In addition it also has a mobile phone, auto focus, which can minimize the lack of good photo-, timer, white balance and color effect. The ability to take pictures up to six times in a row (multi shot). LG Shine also provides four filter options that effect, standard, black & white, Sephia or negative.
* Video Recorder
Recording a moving picture through recordernya video facilities can be done with KE970. This feature was supplied by the zoom and additional light lights when you want to take pictures in dim lighting. In order for the internal memory availability is not reduced, causing the phone's performance slows down, it helps save the file in the external memory tape.
* Internet
KE970 is also able to be invited to surf into the virtual world. GPRS and EDGE technologies can be used to surf the internet. To operate GPRS and EDGE, can easily be done without first setting, a virtual connection can be direct road. In addition, a special Indonesian market, KE970 provided by the system settings GPRS settings wizard to her. This means that whenever the service switch, then the GPRS settings will automatically change.
* Music
KE970 also been equipped with entertainment features a MP3 player. LG Shine comes with a special key to directly operate. MP3 button marked positions on the right side, just above the camera button. Facilities headset included in sales package. The headset is also a key regulator of this music features.
* Games
There are two games available in this phone ie, soccer and fishing Bubble mania Both these games can be used to just killing time or eliminate fatigue. Variety of Java games can be embedded in this phone with features to maximize existing Java.
* Performance
Series KE970 performance is quite good. To make a call and receive calls run smoothly. When operating the menu including MP3 playernya use a headset or bluetooth headset via A2DP. Unfortunately when there are MP3 active and incoming SMS, we must stop the music to be able to open the incoming message. While the battery life of this series with the provisions of 750 mAh lithium battery, can be used non-stop up to 3 hours and 280 hours standby time.
* Battery

Using the type of lithium ion battery-powered 750 mAh, KE970 series is able to use either non-stop talking or even listening to music until 3 hours. While the shift time reaches 280 hours.
* Documents
Features documents can be used to open various document files such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, PDF, and Text. How to look can also be arranged to rotate 90 degrees to the right and left. However, only limited ability to open it, can not edit or fix and create a new document.
* World Clock
This feature has the appearance of an animated globe image. By using the scroll button, the image of this globe can be spun as he shows continents or countries that exist. While to know the time in a city, lived to zoom larger image and select the desired city.
* Memory
Memory capacity of the LG Shine is 50 MB. In addition, this phone also equipped with a microSD type external memory. If you want to insert or remove a microSD card, consumers can open the case back.
* Screen
Display at the beginning of the screen can be adjusted by using the Standby feature Text and Network Name. This feature can also be used to affix any sentence as you wish at the beginning of the display screen, by typing a maximum of 11 characters. While Network Name can be used to eliminate the text names an existing operator in the early part of the screen the way off the menu menyetting Network Name.
In addition, there is also Dailing Style feature that provides a wide range of views when the digits dialed like Color (color figures), Beads (ball-shaped figure), Digital (digital numbers), and the Sketch Book (the numbers in the form of crayon strokes).
* Connections
This phone bluetooth facility and rely on the USB data cable as the connection point for short range data transfer. Use the data cable for connection to a computer is given two options for the Data Service (data synchronization) and Mass Storage (data storage). While for long distance connections, this phone supports GPRS and EDGE channels that can be used for Internet access.
* Flight Mode (Flight Mode)
This feature allows for users to still enjoy all the entertainment features in this phone despite being on the flight. Their use is not guaranteed to reduce the safety factor of the trip. The reason, the activation of this feature will automatically turn off at the same time communication features. By leveraging the use of this feature, users can unleash are reluctant to get a phone call disruption but still can console ourselves with the latest features in this phone.


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