Bluetooth Gps Receiver

Positioning System or GPS. This remarkable system tries to tell drivers the shortest way from A to B or where exactly they are situated. Built in compatible devices like a Bluetooth GPS receiver enhances the overall functionality of the system.

If you are looking for ways to convert your smart phone or PDA into a satellite navigation tool, then a suitable GPS software and a GPS receiver is necessary. The best thing about a Bluetooth GPS receiver is that it will connect to your PDA or smart phone wirelessly that is only if your PDA or smart phone has Bluetooth in order to do this.

A Bluetooth GPS Receiver is usually portable so that it can be carried around effortlessly with minimum hassles. The receiver is a complete wireless satellite position system which works on the GPS communication Technology. Being highly sensitive and having a tracking sensitivity measurement of over 157dBm, enables quick receive time and functionality even in bad weather conditions. The receiver comes with a Lithium-Ion battery to enable long usage. The receiver is most ideal for use with the popular navigation software TomTom Navigator.
With the Bluetooth GPS receiver you can enjoy up to 30 channels at a frequency of L1, 1575.42MHz. Weighing at about 65gms the receiver is very light and portable.
Buying a sensitive gadget like the Bluetooth GPS receiver involves a little knowledge from experts of how to best use it. If you plan to buy such a gadget online then you would require a website which would offer you a quality product with extended battery life and a low price tag.


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