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Evolving from gigantic power consuming dodos, our virtual brains have turned into feather light beauties. I am talking about our very needful Laptops. Not only this, the breed has also got its own types like Ultra portables, Thin and Lights, Midsize- standards, Desktop- replacements, Tablet PC’s and Rugged laptops. One of the big names in the business is Toshiba.

Singing loud its jingle: “Committed to the people, committed to the future, Toshiba has stood up for Japanese Standards. Although its laptops are best known for their mobility but the price factor is commendable as well. The brand’s notebook lines include the Satellite, Qosmio, Tecra and Portege series for home, business and educational users.

Satellite offers home computing with “great multimedia” assertion. Do not confuse it with satellite pro, which, on the contrary is for everyday business. Talking about corporate machines, Toshiba was the one to present world’s first industry standard Notebook. Tecra, its modern avatar, is the line offering high performance corporate notebooks. While Toshiba designed Portege to ease people on goes, Qosmio is for people with a thing for high definition.

This was brands internal story but let’s see what the market has to say. Toshiba’s close rival is Dell in the sense that if told to choose one among the two, you can never decide. For example Dell XPS M1530 and Toshiba Pro A200-E560D are both prices at 57900 INR, all features are same except that Dell gives you 320 GB 5400RPM SATA drive while Toshiba only 80 GB. However Toshiba offers you WIFI which is missing in case of dell. Where Toshiba offers you ultra portable M600-E360D for 90000 INR, Dell has a rugged (Dell XPS M1730) for 99900 INR. Toshiba comes with 3 year international warranty but none can doubt Dell’s durability. Both brands give you the freedom to customize your laptop.

To sum up Toshiba offers you the best of portables and affordable home solutions but if you are a clumsy user go Dell. Its all a battle between mobility and rigidity.


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