Monday, March 16, 2009

Facebook for Iphone and iTunes

There is new news for you Facebook fans
because at this time by adding a few lines of code on your Iphone and iTunes, it will automatically connect with Facebook.

This facility will make it easier to access the various Iphone games such as Tapulous, Whrrl, SGN and Zynga. more than that will make it easier to authenticate users through the Facebook accounts and share the content of the application or game with friends Anda.Lebih of 4 million mobile phone users per day were using it.
Facebook Connect has been implemented in over 6000 sites since it was announced last May and also many expecting the same for the implementation of Facebook for BlackBerry.

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ipanks said...

its a good news for us to know that.i hope this will continue with another good news again.thank you for this information

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