Google Voice

After 2 years ago, Google launched
GrandCentral and have been frozen, now Google has launched Google Voice, based on the original strategy GrandCentral as a free service of VoIP.

Google Voice is available in the new features (as usual, both on Google Video tutorial) including the possibility of using one number to send and receive SMS messages, sent directly to your mobile phone. You can also send text messages from your phone fixed.

Essentially launched Google Voice to make a phone call with the support of the Internet, so phone calls can be free, including from the United States. Type that would like to make Skype calls with international rates. In addition, the user will get the transcripts to leave a voice message in voice mailbox from Google, such as the Skydeck.


  1. PertamXXxxxx....
    wao.. info keren ni...
    bisalah di terapkan di Sungai Kuantan...
    gmn mnurut mu sobat,,,,,
    hihi.. slam knal..

  2. hmm apakah ini untuk menyaingi YM kali y?tapi entahlah, tapi bagus juga sih dicoba :D


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