Thursday, March 26, 2009

transfer from mobile

At the time that all powerful, you do not need or whim will be occupied when the transfer of money, at this time because the Western Union have created a solution to transfer money via a mobile phone which is called by the name of Mobile Money Transfer (MMT), Western Union this project will be developed together with Vodafone and Safaricom between Europe and Africa. This project will try to test with the tested international transfer service between the UK and Kenya.

Mobile Banking type of project is developing very rapidly, especially in developing countries, including Indonesia. There is a possibility that poor countries will take part and enjoy this facility will reach the estimated 150 million mobile banking users by 2011 people in the world.

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selamat malam kawan...
ada berita duka ni..
telah berpulang kerahmatullah..
ayahan dari Taufik Asmara
ketua Blogger Bertuah..

semoga amal ibadah beliau.. diterima disisinya..

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