Forex online trading is a product of new investment

Along with the development and progress of the era of technology, the Internet and increasingly sophisticated communication that, at this time everything is done online, so that the achievement of efficiency in cost and time.
E-commerce transactions has been growing rapidly since 1990, based on data obtained from, more than 95% of the internet is dominated by the trade, including a trend that is online forex trading.
Forex online trading is a product of new investment in the investment world financial exchanges measure, because of the birth and progress teknoligi information.
2001, omzet forex trading common stock in about $ 1200 billion per day, and then in 2004 jumped to $ 1900 billion per day, while Over the Counter Market in 2001 omzet forex around $ 575 billion per day, and in 2004 reached $ 1,200 billion per day.
Data on the almost the same as the survey conducted by the Bank for International Settlement, that of the year 2001 - 2004 omzet forex trading increased 36%, while Over the Counter Market increased 77%.
Excess investment forex online trading are:
1. level laverage reach 100:1
2. FOT trading volume per day to reach 1.5 trillion, so the level likuiditasnya greater than any pedagangan
3. time forex trading 24 hours a day
4. investors are given information that the price movement in real time, for 24 hours, free of charge and can be accessed on the internet
5. investors are guaranteed not exceed the loss of funds will be issued
6. only to make a capital margin of 4-10% of the total investment required


  1. bisa cepet kaya tuh dengan daya ungkit 1 : 100...Nice post.

  2. wah temenku ada yang maen online forex gini bangkrut, apa dia ga bisa maennya yah...

  3. Good luck yah dgn bisnis forexnya..Btw, ada 2 award buat mbak di blog saya..di ambil yah...:)

  4. wah aku sih belum pernah tahu forex itu ka gimana?

  5. very rich content


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