The solution to clean TFT screen

TFT screen has a thin layer of film that is easily damaged if not cleaned properly. and when not used, the screen TFT monitor stain will appear as a cloud. I do not use up water that is too hard, as you may damage the TFT screen and you also do not use the cleaning cloth of micro, because it can erase layer films.
therefore, the solution to clean the stain with a bit to make scratches on the screen is a TFT with a way:
a. water-use software (such as rain water)
b. of solvent (such as vinegar or citric juice)
c. tissue paper
how to use:
Mix a bit of solvent to water in the rain. lembabkan stain on the screen with the tissue paper that has been wet. ago scrub gently to dry.


  1. wahh menambah ilmu baru lagi ni etha :) maacih en salam kenal yupp :)
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  2. hey Dev... aQ jd referrer kamu di blog explosion...
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