The amazing of borobudur temple

Borobudur temple is the religious or Buddhist temple, located in the village of Boro, Magelang regency, Yogyakarya, Central Java, Indonesia.
Borobudur is located about 100 km southwest of Semarang and 40 km to the northwest of Yogyakarta. With broad of 2500 square km.
Borobudur is a stupa Mahayana Buddhist sect, and the largest Buddhist monument in the world. It was built between 750 and 850 BC by the government and Java Sailendra Sanjaya Dynasty.
1950 historian J.G. de Casparis Ph.D states Borobudur is a place of worship. Analogy with the inscription Karangtengah and Kahulunan. This giant temple completed 50 years later when the daughter of the king's reign of Queen Pramodhawardhani. Borobudur temple built in the hills above the ground at 265 meters from the sea floor with a 15 meter high.
In addition to the temple of Borobudur temple is 2 more in the area near the temple and the temple Pawon and Mendut. According to the description of the local community, there is a road from Borobudur temple to temple Mendut. Each May or June, travel Buddhist temple of Mendut, Pawon to the temple and ends at the Borobudur temple. Borobudur term can not be found anywhere except in artifak note from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, namely between 1814 - 1816 when the British took over from the Netherlands while Bangkahulu.
Origin of the term Borobudur is not clear because the local people is no longer a Buddhist believer. Javanese mystical island population has been long forgotten Buddhist religion. Bore is' the name of a village 'in which there. Budur is the 'temple'. So intend Borobudur temple Bore. Usually, each called a temple near the village. Raffles should write 'BudurBoro', not 'Borobudur'.
Nagarakartagama manuscripts in the ancient Javanese language use, works on the 1365 Mpu Prapanca states' Budur 'as the Buddha. Be assumptive 'Budur' associated with the teachings of the Buddha.
Borobudur is also associated with Sambharabhudhara meaning "mountain" (bhudara) in which the caster and the terrace-terrace located.
Borobudur said the changes called "the Buddha" to Borobudur or 'Buddhist'.
In sanskrit language and Bali, Boro means' temple complex 'or monastery. Beduhur meaning "high" or at the top of the mountain-shaped high land. Borobudur terms of longitude and 6 have 3 levels. At the peak of the main stupa of Borobudur is shaped loceng perforated. The main peak is located in the portion that is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues. Each Buddha statue is located in a stupa loceng perforated.
Borobudur decorated with this statue in 2672 and 504 Buddha statues. This monument became the main place where the Buddha and important Buddhist temple in Indonesia and the world. During the climb, set to the Borobudur Buddhist, there are 1460 pieces in the sculpture wall decorations and balustrades.
Borobudur up as a giant mandala, symbol from bodhisattva of SamSara to nirvana, through the story Sudhana described in Gandavyuha Sutra, part of Avatamsaka Sutra.
Stupa contains five levels: the first contains four Buddha statues sambhoga fourth-rich corner (such as Amitabha and Aksobhya), of the Mahayana pantheon. Level to describe the typical five Vairocana Buddha, which is usually associated with the center. Level in the fifth cover with three rounded platform, where 72 stupa set one corral big stupa. Throughout the stupa, walls, walls decorated with carved statue depicts the life of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Mahayana Sutras.
There are over 2672 wall sculpture various animal and human activity and 504 stupa bell .At every level, be chiselled statue-sculpture on hit-hit new compact and organized so that a story and teaching for the diligent review and mentelaah. All this statue in the row from left to right and be seen from left to right, the clockwise or mapradaksina in the ancient Javanese language. The stories are based on the book of the Ramayana and the Jataka. Beginning of this statue left the gate and ends at the right gate. This temple facing the east, although the same view of the visible only.
Overall there is a statue on the wall of Borobudur depicts law karma. All sculpture is not a story contain for each picture frame can stand alone as a result of the story. There are descriptions of the punishment that will make received if sin and get better replies if making good. (Legal = good karma will reply with the good, do evil will reply with the same crime). A series of Buddhist story ends with the highest level towards perfection.
Borobudur, when viewed from above look like giant Buddhist mandala and in accordance with Buddhist cosmology and discrete human brain. Four terms of shape and height of 118 meters. There are 72 bell-shaped stupa perforated and the stupa is a statue of the Buddha are resting.
Approximately 55.000 meters used to build this building Borobudur. Brick-stone is transported through the river and take 75 years to be prepared.
Borobudur was built on top of the hill and so is not the same as the Buddhist temples located in India and China.


  1. wah Borobudur...udah lama gak kesana lagi :)

  2. Borobudur memang candi yang sangat amazing

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