Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogger Galuh have build seo ciamis

Let's complicated friendship through a solid community, does not have one when we have the vision and mission together to build our beloved city to become more advanced and in line with other major cities in Indonesia. Blogger Galuh community should have this by ciamis we as citizens, and to all our citizens ciamis beloved. Nothing wrong if we chip in and contribute ideas for progress together, intertwine close friendship we have only to help our beloved city. Participation of all the friends in realizing the vision and mission is necessary, for the unified forward and do better is the theme of our future and I certainly was a major. We are a big family, no matter come from the district, or village where, that we have been united in a country that independent and sovereign. Up blogger Galuh. Proof is on us all that blogger galuh can be a bridge we all go to something better later. Progressive bloggers Galuh. Let's move forward together!

4 comments: "Blogger Galuh have build seo ciamis"

shiela said...

wow keren..........belum ada pada tempat yang pertama nih, ane tambah yah

Erik-25591 said...

Tambah mantap nih blognya...

Kristina Dian Safitry said...

idem sama kak erik..mantap!

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