Dealing With Anger

Anger sometimes come when you're not ready. But in the same time you must complete a number of jobs that require the head cold. there are easy ways to overcome the feeling of anger, namely:
a. pull-in in the breath. Angry at the time, your body remove the adrenalin that encourage work and increase the heart of blood pressure. interesting in the breath-in to help you lower the sound of gulp heart and send signals to the brain that adrenalin is not needed at this time.
b. jump. If the source of anger in front of the eye, Remove yourself from the situation. Wash face, then leap. Activities that will be able to make your mind clear and ready to go back to the source of quiet anger.
c. dust accurately as possible. Compete at the arguments, make sure you give a specific example, and what you feel the condition is.
d. wont to write. Not all people can easily convey what is in the thoughts and feelings. If you feel angry easily, the solution if you have a special diary and please share all your suspire groan in there and menjeritlah sepuasnya, remove all that you feel. Write accurately, with whom he explained that to make you angry and write why also.
e. find out factors that cause. Not all things can make you so angry with it. Find out, the things what can make you angry with the right. Once the situation is similar, soon sadarkan yourself that you must be calm. Avoid the "civil war" in conditions like this.


  1. yang suka marah, tolong baca artikel devianty, bagus!


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