Find out how to care for healthy hair styles

IF you beaches lover, legal obligation to protect the skin from the bad effect of the sun. In reality, womanhood more important skin care face and body only. In fact, the hair is also important to consider.
The fierce sun (UVA and UVB) can damage the condition of the hair in different ways. Expose UVA rays can damage the cuticle layer, which is a layer terluar hair. If the damaged cuticle layer, the hair dry and easily broken.
The UVA rays could also damage the scalp if most unprotected well, so as hair was easy to be contaminated by the free radical who could speed up the occurrence of hair ageing, like grey hair through to broken hair.

Not only that, the hair is often exposed to sunlight will fade the color and causes the tip of the hair so broken in pieces.

Want to to release from all the problems of hair? There were several simple tips that is launched by Sheknows to protect your hair, including:

Used the hat

The best way to protect the health of hair and make you appear confident with a protective with or wrap your hair in beautiful wrapping a shawl. How simple this can liberate you from the dangers of the sun.

Protect hair with cream

Want to leave long hair tergerai, you can use to protect the beauty kondisioner. Would be better if these products contain sunscreen.
Even to protect the hair to remain healthy, harmless to use UV protection cream, creme such as Kerastase UV Defense Active, especially for the colored hair and very sensitive to sun exposure.

Enjoy the beautiful beach with healthy hair!


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