A glimpse of the aircraft first flight

Aircraft from a heavy air flying was first made by Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright with the aircraft design itself, called the Flyer was launched in the year 1903 in the United States. In addition to Wright brothers, there were several inventors who find other aircraft aircraft, among others, Samuel F Cody aksinya perform in the field Fanborough, UK 1910.
Aircraft is a more mild air balloon. First flight by using the hot air balloon that is found by Joseph Montgolfier and Etiene Montgolfier in 1782, and then enhanced by Ferdinand von Zeppelin modify the cigar-shaped balloon that is used to carry passengers and goods in the year 1900. In the following year mengusai balloon Zeppelin air freight to ship natural Zeppelin on the trans-Atlantic trip in New Jersey in 1936 to mark the end of the era of Zeppelin, although still used by the World War II. After the time of Wright, the aircraft experienced a lot of modifications to the building's design, form and aircraft engines to meet the needs of air transportation.
Aircraft from a heavy air aerodin called, the entry in this category is autogiro, helicopter, girokopter and fixed winged aircraft. Fixed winged aircraft generally use a combustion engine in the form of a piston engine (with a propeller) or turbine engine (jet or turboprop) to produce a stimulus that the aircraft, and air movement in the wings to push up style, which makes this aircraft can fly . As exceptions, fixed winged aircraft are also not using the machine, such as a glider, using a style that only gravity flow and hot air. Autogiro helicopters and machine-wing and rotary-style to push to the top, and helicopters also use the engine to produce a stimulus to the front.
Aircraft that is lighter air from the aerostat is called, the entry in this category is a balloon and airplane. Aerostat use float style to fly in the air, such as that used for sea float on the water. This aircraft generally use a gas such as helium, hydrogen, or hot air to float to the style. Perbedaaan air balloon with the boats that are air balloon air flow over the wind, while the transport system has propulsi encouragement for the future and control system.


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