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Keyboard input is a tool that is used to type information into the computer and run the various commands to intruksi or in the computer. The creation of a computer keyboard inspired the creation of the basic engine type design created by Christopher Latham year 1868 and many marketed in 1877 by the Remington Company.

Computer keyboard is adapted from the first punch card technology and allow any posts distance (Teletype). Year 1946 computer ENIAC using the hole cards (punched card reader) as a means of input and output.
On the keyboard there are buttons letters A - Z, a - z, numbers 0 - 9, the key and special characters such as: `~ @ # $% ^ & * () _ - + = <> /,. ? :; " '\ | Keys and other special is a whole number of 104 key. has a keyboard key is arranged in sections: Key Alphanumeric, numeric Keypad, Function Key, Modifier Key and Key Movement cursor.
Physically, the keyboard divided into 4 parts, namely: Serial Keyboard, Keyboard PS / 2 keyboard wireles Keyboard and USBs

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