Stop smoking now!

Heart attack is not the issue man. Do you know that women exposed to risk of heart attack more than men?
According to data obtained from the WHO (World Health Organization), that between the years 2005-2006, approximately 8.6 million women around the world heart disease, compared with 7.9 million men who have experienced the same thing.
There are many causes of a person suffering from disease. Among them smoking, lack of nutrition and obesity. In fact, the data also found that after menopause, women's risk of experiencing heart disease and stroke because of loss of estrogen as a protection.
The data obtained from the WHO, women who died because of heart attack 18 times more than that of the breast cancer.
Then based on the data obtained from mentioned that 33% of women and 25% of men will die in one year since the first heart attack.
35% women and 18% men who successfully recover from a heart attack akan attacks over the next six years.
Women possibilities nearly died twice after heart bypass surgery.
Stop smoking now!


  1. setuju! bagi semua perokok mohon untuk mempertimbangkan untuk berhenti mulai sekarang, sayangi diri anda dan orang-orang terdekat yang ada disekitar anda

  2. Thanks you for this health tip. I have also posted an article in my blog regarding "Stop Smoking" @

  3. Considering the long term benefits of smoking cessation such as low risk of succumbing to cancer, a significant reduction in mental stress, odorless breath et al, it is definitely necessary for you to start your quit smoking regimen as soon as possible. However, during the first few weeks, it may appear extremely difficult to get rid of this addiction, but as you consistently try to quit smoking for a certain period of time, your smoking cessation efforts would yield results.


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