Third award Interesting Blog Award

Yoohoo, another award for my blog. This is the third award given by the Dedeandro (one of my friend in the blogosphere). Dedeandro, my new friend in the blogosphere, this award also presented to me. This is Interesting Blog Award. Thank you to Dedeandro for nominating me in this award..

There are no rules in this award. So now, I'll pass for this award (if you have received this award, please give to others):

BangAis,Abahrafi,Mydewiku,IndraPutuAchyar,kakzie-zie,Ade Suherman,Tridabizz,Heryrhey, Bang Erick, KangMizwar, Mba Kristina Dian Safitry,attayaya
Once again, anyone who have not received this award, do not hesitate to take or grab it. Thank you for this great award, appreciated much.


  1. Selamat ya.... semoga tambah mantap aja .....

  2. Selamat ya... and makasih awardnya nih, saya bawa dul ke pondokku

  3. Makasih awwardnya dev..aku gondol y ke MKs :)

  4. thanks awardnya dek.. ntar gw pajang di blog bang ais deh.. hehehe..

  5. Congrats, friend!

    Be a increase up your blogging spirit always...!

    comment back in my blog to support me...THANKS yaaa

  6. makasih banyak neh Dev
    aku sampul dulu ya

  7. OMG!!!!!.....i'm a nominating in this award, BTW, ribet bener make boso londo yah.......ok, gag coyy....

  8. selamat ya.. hebat udah punya 3 award, aku baru satu.. hheu...
    owy, makasih udah mampir.. salam kenal y..

  9. Maaf dev agak telat nih btw aku dah posting award Kmu sekali lagi matur nuhun eh salah makasih ya dev...!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Clap clap clap, thanks for accepting this award Dev. You deserve to have it. Have a nice day Dev.

    - Regards


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