Dell benefit most through twitter, how with you..?

SAN FRANCISCO - Site mikroblogging Twitter was able to help the company sell various classmates Dell products. In fact, the benefits that can be reached millions of dollars.
Vendor personal computer (PC) said that, thanks to a campaign using Twitter, Dell successfully obtain benefit as much USD3 million in the period of two years to campaign on Twitter.
"We see this in a good level. Dell and see the trend shows an increase," said Dell Chairman Lionel Menchaca Blogger units, such as the received Reuters, Friday (12/6/2009).
According to Dell the steps taken quite right, because the majority of users who follow the Twitter account with Dell so enthusiastic about the news or information provided through Dell Tweets. So, when users are interested in Dell products directly to click and perform transactions on Twitter. Despite the benefits through the new way that, Dell does not want satisfied themselves. The value of USD3 million in the period of 2 years quite a bit for the company of Dell. According to IDC research, as the second-largest vendor in the world, in the first quarter 2009 is Dell able to wash USD12, 3 billion. "At this time, we do not know will breakthrough with what Twitter is. However, we will be doing a variety of new breakthrough to achieve profits," Menchaca demolished.


  1. More and more businesses are using Twitter as a marketing tool. This is very effective, since a lot of potential consumers are on the Internet everyday.

  2. emang twittermah mantap yaa...good microbloging....hikhikhik


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