Monday, June 22, 2009

Mongolian Death Worm

Based on the source from wikipedia, Mongolian Death Worm is a cryptid purported grouped as living in Gobi Desert. Generally regarded as being cryptozoological.Mongolian Death Worm is described as a worm that has a bright red body with wide 0,6-1,5 meters long and 2 .- 5. feet.

Local residents call the Mongolian Death Worm allghoi name (or orghoi) khorkhoy (хорхой), which means "blood worm filled gut." because based on the information from wikipedia obtained, there have been local residents who see the existence Mongolian Death Worm like a cow's intestine. Mongolian Death Worm has extraordinary ability as the ability to spit out the worms sulfuric acid that, on contact, it will change anything that touches and yellow rust (which will kill a man) and the purported ability to kill at a distance with the discharge power.

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