Postal strike In London

In LONDON thousand postal workers in the UK will strike work next weekend. Correspondence services in the country is threatened paralysis. Be AFP, Jumat (12/6/2009), the Communication Workers States states, the action is done as protests against the trimming employees. More than 10,000 employees of the manager, sending mail, and other workers in London will go down to the road on 19 June. They will strike work for 24 hours. Unions accuse the government owned company, Royal Mail, the trimming to the employees arbitrarily. They do want a negotiations. Public companies in the UK later this was reduced to a decrease in employment over profit, and economic recession. In addition, Royal Mail, for many years struggling to scrape benefit in the middle of the competition with information technology. Now more people to send mail through the Internet rather than conventional ways. At this time gadget, technology, the Internet in this e-mail more dominating regular mail


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