Friday, June 5, 2009

Protect the site from all the hazards that may make will damaged with

if you want to protect the site from all the hazards that may make will damaged, then you need a monitoring service website monitoring tool, with groundbreaking features and prices from You need not be concerned if your web site (or other services) is still working or not. System quickly they will track it for you and notify you first. Here you can also get a free website monitoring.

BinaryCanary provide monitoring for your website, email server, database, web application or custom device / port, has been trusted by companies large and small because it has advanced features of uptime and performance very good to help maximize server uptime, and have been actively monitoring the 1000 "world" website in a few industries and efficiently monitored, the monitoring network, with servers located in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom.
You choose the plan that you want, including free accounts, the standard plan for $ 5/month, power plan for $ 10/month, hyper plan for $ 20/month. Your privacy will be protected, and offer 100% money back guarantee and you can cancel your account at any time without penalty.
Here are 10 reasons to monitor your website using, namely: Unlimited user accounts and escalation profiles, Beautiful and informative graphs and reports, by Group monitors the server for each maintenance periods, Industrial strength monitoring network, Notifications by email, SMS , by email or SMS, Hacker detection, Pay-per-click (Adwords) campaign pausing (coming soon), Best price in the industry - compare to our competitors, 1 minute monitoring ensures the fastest downtime alerts, Credibility protection for your company.

You can see and check the speed of your website, please check in

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blogingtime said...

coba gratisssss :'(

blogingtime said...

eh ad gratisnya dink :"> maklum uda tua

DiLoG said...

neng..akang bole minta yang gratis ga??
mahal atuh neng

locklizard said...

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