Sunday, July 12, 2009

The body of Michael Jackson Hidden From Fans

The body of Michael Jackson Hidden From Fans

Many issues that the corpse was that Michael Jackson has not also buried . This increasingly strengthened with the incident after the event last tribute, there is no clear source of information and the official said to the corpse where Michael Jackson will be taken after the event at Staples Center Tuesday. information obtained by a known source that remains the king of pop is brought out of stealth to avoid the onset of the fans who pack the building Staples Center.

After the ceremony was complete, the casket is Michael Wrap i with 14 carat gold is brought out through the underground tunnels that connect buildings Staples Center with the Nokia Theater. This particular tunnel is usually used for the exit - go for the employees and the treatment of consumption.

newspapers have also said that you own Janet Michael, La Toya and Rebbie also use the same tunnel to the Nokia Theater to honor the fans who also gathered in this place to see the events of the last homage distance. Michael own corpse in it back to Forest Lawn Cemetery to be buried in the underground tomb belonging to the family Berry Gordy until later the definitive location of funeral king of pop is determined by the Jackson family

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Lina Y said...

wakh akang yang satu ini lagi main seo yah...keren tembakannya euy

Harry Seenthings said...

wow is so nice aboutr mickey

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