Botox to Remove Wrinkles

Botox is quite phenomenal in the cosmetic world. Botox is actually one of the versions of botulinum toxin which may cause botulism. But, it has a real weak side effect to the body if it used properly.

In cosmetic world, people use botox to remove the wrinkles on their skin. Botox can paralyze the muscles which cause the smooth lines on the face so that the wrinkles may disappear. Wrinkles are caused by the regular tension in the muscles on face, so after the wrinkles’ areas on the face get injected by botox, the tension will relieve and the muscles will lose the ability to feel some responds. Botox injection is a good way to remove the wrinkles instantly, since it only needs 3-5 days to see the result. But it only gives temporary result, so people need to get another injection when the effect is disappear.

The side effect of the botox, although it is relatively low, it can make the people to lose some of their facial expression because of the paralyzed muscles. That’s why, before taking any injection, people really need to see the expert so that they know what may happen to them. Further information about botox can be read on the online article at


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