Friday, July 31, 2009

Erin Andrews 911 call to report on Naked Video

TMZ has obtained the foul-mouthed 911 call made when ESPN reporter Erin Andrews spotted "suspicious people" lurking around her Georgia home last week.
In the call, before she even says her name, Andrews says "I've been in the news recently about being in a hotel naked." She goes on to say, "I did nothing wrong and I'm being treated like f***ing Britney Spears and it sucks."
As TMZ first reported, cops found out they were just members of the news media looking for an interview with Andrews, who became national news after her peeping Tom fiasco.
The reporters were allowed to leave without incident.

Or perhaps everyone else heard about the press conference where she and her lawyer issued the statement about finding and prosecuting the perpetrator who captured the video (actually several videos) of Erin Andrews naked Video in her hotel room. She also warned that she would bring to bear civil and criminal lawsuits against those who published the illegal video. Erin Andrews had ended her public statement by requesting that her privacy be respected. {}

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