Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

30 minutes from the last Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince just perfect, if you will forgive a conclusion. We should not held their breath and then, in any case, the exhale. But the climate of the film - what you actually pay to see even if you do not know that - either because we do not have that until now have in this series.
I will not spoil the details. Do you already know or have time to avoid this. Suffice to say that there is war between good and evil, and in general, we do not know who is on the team.

Director David Yates, the fifth Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film, and more efficiently than us, and trade in the last few years, and trust that's built with the community, and Harry Potter to the brave new world in many ways. Although not dangerous as a prisoner of Azkaban cold, the first time we can take this opportunity to activities related to the seriousness behind the same half that repeated blood prince moody and depression and visual context. This is quite beautiful to see something from start to finish.

Perhaps Yates' other in achieving their original higher level of difficulty: for the first time, we really care about the feelings of characters as the battle for the future of all blocks. And that everywhere. How can he not be? Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), Weasley, Ron (Rupert Grint), Hermione and livestock (Emma Watson) are teenagers, the road approaching the end of the Hogwarts School of magic and sorcery.

All feelings of their own youth. Developed to the 13 or 14, and the smart of them lost in about 20 years. Since the due date, in extreme hormonal Potter has hinted before at the cinema, because this film for more detailed and gloomier in six installments. Developing slowly and there is mutual appreciation society between Ron and Hermione and Harry, carefully move to crush Ron's sister Ginny. Of course, there are the usual adolescent's emotional disarray that is exposed, such as tons of bricks.


  1. Blognya inspiratif nie mbak...thanks ya bisa punya ide nie setelah berkunjung :D


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