10 things that may be caused by the use of a mobile phone

With the number of accidents and diseases that harm the many experts who do research on the influence of poor health on the phone or gadgets and other problems. Here are 10 problems that may be caused by the use of a mobile phone berlebiham, namely:
1. Cancer
2. Infertility
3. Accident
4. Cell Phone elbow
5. Sleep disorders
6. Premature Aging
7. Exacerbating Existing Health Issues
8. Vague Daily Health Problems
9. Mental Health Problems.
10. Affecting Quality of Care from Doctors
You can do to reduce the many risks that may be caused by the use of mobile phones mainly from radiasinya, is to use mobile phones are wise, for a long conversation that you have the facilities or the loudspeaker by using hands-free.


  1. Wao..I have just to know that phone is also danger for our healt. thank for this info

  2. really??
    I watched the Operah show about months ago, but dr.Oz told us there's still no strong evidence that prove about caused of using cellphone. So, what's the truth??

    THanks ya uda mampir n kasi komen. Gue uda jadi followers lo kok :D

  3. hm.. pls specify what kind of cancer ?

    stepping by :)
    Thanks for visiting mine :)


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