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Mobile world can not be separated from features, accessories, SIM card, and the more extreme terms, of course, related to the virus. The first mobile phone virus in the world created in 2001 by Job de Haas, a computer security researchers in the Netherlands. Viruses are created by Job de Haas, this can damage the Nokia phones via text message or SMS.
Having discovered the first virus that attacks the phone is useful to know the various kinds of malignant viruses that also can damage the phone, and 9 of them are:
Skulls belonging to this trojan that replaces the system in the phone and cause the icons changed to the main menu of the skull image.
CABIR including the type of worm that spreads via a Bluetooth connection and into the phone through your message inbox with names that draw attention.
COMMWARRIOR spread via MMS, Bluetooth connection, and exchange the memory card with the name beracak (random) xxx.sis.
DOOMBOOT with this virus are generally not mobile phone owners will think that the phone had been infected because there are no icons or any sign after this instalasi.virus process will spread automatically via a Bluetooth connection.
APPDISBLER this virus will stop the operating system performance and also some third-party applications.
CARDTRAP phone virus infects a Windows-based computer with a virus put 2 files into the phone's memory card.
LOCKNUT a Trojan virus which operate by exploiting weaknesses Symbian S60 system. This virus can be classified as critical because the binary file to replace the system ROM.
PBStealer a Trojan-like application to collect the contact listed in your phonebook and then will save it in the form of text files (*. txt).
RommWar, this type of virus would put such a small program to the target phone, the program will be able to make phone targets experienced malfunctions.


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