EasyFileUndelete very useful for recover deleted files

I often remove the various data I think is not important or not used again. However, when I had a very sloppy way to delete important data, because data still must be used for the study. My confusion is when most of the data for studying the article I was lost, but I do not have time to repeat the operation. When I search for the source may help recover the lost data from my computer, I found Munsoft.com. Many of the testimony of people who have used this file to recover deleted files are immediately convince me to download EasyFileUndelete from Munsoft.com.
EasyFileUndelete from Munsoft.com can also be used for data recovery software. Not only to restore the data in writing only, but for data-image especially data such as images created by Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, Epson, Fuji and others . EasyFileUndelete can also be used to quickly and easily. EasyFileUndelete program is suitable for Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista operating system, even 92 types of files can be searched automatically by Raw Search.
If you also have the same problem with me, right use of EasyFileUndelete from Munsoft.com. You can download various files for free or purchase. Munsoft provides many options that may be one suitable for your problem, namely: Data Recovery, Mail Recovery, Photo Recovery, Recover Deleted Files.All programs or files that have been issued by Munsoft.com test results and quality, even Munsoft.com own award winning company is a winning software development company.


  1. makasih telah berkunjung ke blog sederhana saya. aturan pemberian award saya, salah satunya adalah boleh diambil oleh siapapun yg berkomentar di bawah postingan apapun di blog saya atau di shoutmix, bertukar banner dan link. jadi silahkan anda ambil awardnya ya. bolehn ambil semua tapi lebih seneng lagi jika yg award yg terakhir.

  2. jadi teringat dulu sewaktu dataku abis kena delet.. ya.. manteb nih software..
    terima kasih kunjungannya ya...

  3. wah boleh juga nih..
    aku biasa pake tune up undelete
    filenya ketangkep sih tapi bad condition alias rusak.. hehe..

    mampir2 blogku jg ya..

  4. file yang bakal kedelete? wuihhh mantabs iki :)

  5. wah,, tengkyu yah...

    buat infonya sama karna udah mampir ke blogku :)

  6. wah.. bermanfaat skali, sayangnya aku malah gak tau artinya.. wakakaka

  7. salam kenal tuk devianty..
    terima kasih atas kunjungan nya ke blog BeeMouNTaiN.
    banyak hal yg ingin saya ungkapkan namun yg paling utama adalah ucapan terima kasih.

  8. Wah sama kyk tutorial yang pernah aQ post tntang mengembalikan folder yang pernah terdelet tapi aplikasi nya berbeda.. Aq pake PCI_Recovery

  9. cucok utk recovery HDD yang lost data nie.. sipp sharingnya :)

  10. saya biasanya pake get data back..
    tp ini kyknya boleh dicoba kpn2.. :)

    nice blog..
    nice posting..

    duh kpn saya bisa nulis posting pake bahasa inggris ya.. salut...

    keep going girl..

  11. BAhase bule....???

    M E N Y E R A H....!!!

  12. Thanks udah berkunjung ke blog saya dan kasih semangat ya..
    salam kenal..
    bentar ya pak, saya mau buka google translate dulu..

  13. was wes wos yes yes no no hehehe, artine opo iki doh mateng?!?

  14. keren ya Dev, bisa buat nyari file2 yang udah kehapus

  15. good post.. i realy like it.. thats good for recoverdelete files.. add my technorati thanks.. i will do the same

  16. keren nih sopwernya.. kira-kira bagus mana ya undelete ini sama undelete bawaan dari tuneup utilities???

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