Sunday, August 9, 2009

Michael Jackson's Kids: "Today Show" Interviews Godfather Mark Lester

Somewhat lost in the frenzied news coverage of Michael Jackson ' s death is what will happen to his three children now that their father has passed away. Jackson had sole custody of his three children, Gerent Michael Jackson, 12, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11, and Potentate Michael Jackson II ( Overlay Jackson ), 7. The lusty of his introductory two children is ex - wife Debbie Rowe, who has never been a detail of their lives. Majesty Michael II ' s mighty has never been identified. Michael ' s humongous, Katherine, is likely to dispose custody.

" They are in the woe of a nanny, " the Jackson family ' s longtime attorney, Brian Oxman, tells Us magazine. " Ms. Jackson will incubus for them and I ' m firm expert will stage all kinds of discussions that will returns village about the kids. "

The " Today Grandstand play " interviewed Mark Lester, the children ' s godfather, to balm move what ' s nearest for these newish kids.

Way a slideshow of his energy in pictures here. Watch all his best music videos here.

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