Mobile phone sales worldwide reached 286.1 million units

Based on data on sales to the two-quarter period april-juni 2009, note that mobile phone sales worldwide reached 286.1 million units. When compared with the year 2008 is less than 6.1%. To own smartphone mobile phone sales increased by 27%.
In fact the previous year as Nokia are still occupying the number 1 position for a phone maker in the world, although in reality the market share was down from 39.5% to 36.8%.
according to Gartner sales on Nokia N97 launching in the second quarter from the year 2009 only 500,000 units sold is less when compared with sales of Apple's iPhone 3G in the S Pecan who have sold 1 million units.
Here is a list of detailed decision-making with mobile phones' sales for the last quarter:
1. Nokia - 105.4 mil units, 36.8%
2. Samsung - 55.4 mil units, 19.3%
3. LG - 30.5 mil units, 10.7%
4. Motorola - 15.9 mil units, 5.6%
5. Sony Ericsson - 13.5 mil units, 4.7%
6. Other - 65.2 mil units, 23%
Smarpthone sales in Q2 2009 up to look like this:
1. Nokia - 18.4 mil units, 45%
2. Research In Motion - 7.6 mil units, 18.7%
3. Apple - 5.4 mil units, 13.3%
4. HTC - 2.4 mil units, 6%
5. Fujitsu - 1.2 mil units, 3%
6. Other - 5.6 mil units, 13.9%


  1. hahaha...SE in 5th positon. wow merek korea dh mulai naik ntu. btw, aq juga suka ke new caledonia, kira2 mahal gag ya hihihi

  2. gila ya jumlah pembelian ponsel sekarang ini..
    dari yang paling murah sampe ber belas2 juta ada..
    people's depending on cell phones rite now..
    jangan lupa mampir n komen balik yaa.. :D

    oiyaa..gue follow yaa

  3. Thanks.. Info yang sangat berguna untuk buat bisnes ni!

  4. I guess this is in one year and not the cumulative sales.

  5. This is a nice information on the selling of mobiles worldwide and nokia is deserve to get the first position in that list with 36.8%.

  6. Phone has become the first necessary thing for the human for always been in the contact.Cause phone can make any one any where in Phone user will always increase day by day.

  7. Nokia N97 launching in the second quarter of 2009 only 500,000 copies were sold, compared to less sales of Apple iPhone 3G Pecan who sold 1 million units.

  8. Based on sales data from the two-quarter April to June 2009, noted that sales of mobile phones worldwide reached 286.1 million units. Compared to the year 2008 is below 6.1%. To own mobile smartphone sales grew 27%.

  9. Is Good information on the sale of phones in the world and deserve to Nokia to get the first position in the list with 36.8%.


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