The Sony VAIO W Series

Mini-notebook, or often referred to as a notebook, the current tune. His course, hotspot also more and more. If not bring a laptop and a mini hangout while browsing the Internet, it's not yet complete.

If you do not have a "weapon" hang out in cafes such as this hotspot, you can have the Sony VAIO W Series, which is designed for mobile users who frequently need to explore the Internet. To check whether the email, read the news on, or Facebook's. Because of this mini notebook is equipped with WiFi connection, you no longer need a PCMCIA card or USB dongle to access the internet. Screen with high resolution (1366 x 768), 10.1 inches wide, and LED backlit display allows you to view the site in time to open a chat window and widgets. Thus, this activity can be done simultaneously.

In terms of design, W Series is the champion. You can choose three colors that are provided, including pink, white, or brown (for you who do not like the color of the feminine). Weighed only 1.19 kg (including battery), touchpad mouse and key-it feels soft (springy). Thus, you can type an email, chat, or blog articles in the comfortable. The buttons on the mini-notebook is also quite responsive, so you can open the various applications of this device quickly. This series is also designed with palm rest and a stain-resistant fingerprint, so you need not worry flakes food will draggle body.

VAIO W Series system uses the already popular, the Microsoft ® Windows XP Home Edition. Hard drive is a 160GB capacity reliable enough to store a variety of image files, music or video. To make it easier to manage your files are, this series provides exclusive software VAIO Media plus. You can transfer images from digital camera or music from MP3 player, or from W to the VAIO series easily via two USB ports provided. To do a video chat with family or friends in other cities, you can use the webcam and microphone to its.

The uniqueness of the series priced with the 599 dollar price this material is environmentally friendly. VAIO W series is ENERGY STAR ® 5.0 combines the features of environment-conscious, such as the use of LED backlit LCD mercury-free.


  1. ..wah info yang menarik..cuman udah nyampe Bontang ga ya..minimal ibukota Kalimantan Timur Samarinda..kebetulan lg nyari notebook yang sesuai..sesuai kantong..he..he
    btw..ini review ya...??kalo iya..mantep dong...ntar ane nanya2 boleh kan..??

  2. 599 dollars when converted to rupiahs, it becomes about 6 millon rupiahs, more or less


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