Alternative choice of Power Supply Units

Alternative choice of Power Supply Units from Tagan Technologi, Co this product is called PipeRock series, has a 500W power. There is no any controller that is included in this product for just knowing the performance of these products. PSU was able to accommodate a computer that requires power reaches 500W.
Designed this design very unique key with the dominant black color and made from solid SECC Steel's show is very powerful PSU. Cooling of the PSU is 13.5 cm in size. What makes this product unique is the feature called PipeRock Cable Management, in which there are several connectors that can be connected with a cable separately, unlike most of the PSU premises throughout the cord coming from one pit. So that that way, you can set yourself how the needs of cable you need for the device in your PC.
Power fluctuations experienced by each rail is not too significant. Whether it's rail voltage +3.3 V, +5 V or +12 V power does not decline enough. Decrease the voltage is still below + / - 5% of the value of each should rail. This is still considered reasonable and not too distracting.


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