ST550 and ST500 as a digital compact cameras

Here it is sophisticated and tiny cameras that works for us who like adventure with a little equipment. Currently Samsung Electronics has launched the ST550 and ST500 as a digital compact cameras with the innovative dual-screen LCD is the camera, each of which are stored in the back and front. 1.5-inch LCD which is located at the front of the camera now allows consumers to take a picture, both when they were in the back or in front of the camera.
The second camera output is mainly ST550 Samsung LCD touch screen has a 3.5 inch wide at the back of the camera. With a resolution of 1.152 pixels, the LCD has a resolution of the ST550 almost four times larger than the camera in general and is also equipped with haptic vibration effects for ease of use. 12.2 megapixel CCD and wide-screen lens Schneider-Kreuznach 27mm with 4.6 x optical zoom provides coverage of the arrest of a broader picture of the much closer, and able to produce a clear picture and clean with a balanced resolution of the image center to the sides.
with the help of our ST550 and ST500 will get good photographs as photographs produced by professionals, ST550 and ST500 will record 720p HD video at 30 pictures per second in H.264 format, providing the capacity to record more than twice as much as MPEG4 format, and four times more than the MJPEG format.


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