Two antenna-like cute pokemon in LG migo

Phone market is promising a lot of business opportunities, so rampant nowadays phone covers not only among adults or adolescents alone but the children also are familiar with the phone. Seeing so much mobile phone market today's is large companies issued caliber LG mobile products specifically for children with the target market includes children aged 5-8 years who were given the name LG Migo.
LG Migo is designed with a unique enough that with two antenna-like pokemon funny so that children are expected to like this phone. This phone is also called Shrek Phone. This phone can be programmed as you wish, so if the kids pressing any button, they will be given the option of pre-programmed. LG Migo phone is dominated by a gorgeous green color.
Parents did not have to worry about their children's presence on the street. The reason, LG buried a global positioning system (GPS), so the parents can check on their children and activities, although the baby was not using a cell phone either inside or outside the home.


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