The W980 Walkman is a HSPDA clamshell phone features superior audio quality

The Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman is a HSPDA clamshell phone features superior audio quality, a built-in FM transmitter, music management with Shake Control and track discovery using TrackID. The W890 also includes a 320x240 pixel 262K TFT QVGA display, 8GB internal memory, 3.2 megapixel camera, picture & video blogging, media browser and Media Manager PC software.
The W980 is based on Sony Ericsson's Java Platform 8 (JP-8), supporting Mobile Services Architecture (MSA) JSR 248, the next-generation Java umbrella standard. Mobile 3D gaming is enabled by Mascot Capsule v3, Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR 184) and OpenGL ES API (JSR 239), and boosted by motion sensor access with JSR 256.
Technical Specifications The Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman is :
JSRs & APIs : CLDC 1.1,WMA (JSR-120), MMAPI(JSR-135), Webservices (JSR-172), Security and trust(JSR-177), Location(JSR-179), SIP(JSR-180), Mobile 3D(JSR-184), Java Technology for the Wireless Industry(JSR-185), WMA 2.0(JSR-205), Content Handler(JSR-211), SVG(JSR 226), Payment API (JSR 229), AMS Camera Capabilities only(JSR-234), Internationalization(JSR-238), Open GL ES(JSR-239), MSA(JSR 248), Mobile Sensor(JSR-256), File/PIM(JSR-75), Bluetooth(JSR-82), Mascot Capsule V3, Nokia UI API 1.1, VSCL 2.0
Screen Sizes : 240x320
Platforms : Sony Ericsson Java Platform 8
Audio & Video : Audio Codec, Video Codec, Video Codec Encoding, Video Mime Type
Flash : Flash Lite version 2.0 ; Flash colour depth, 16-bit (536 colours) ; Flash in Screensaver ; Flash in Wallpaper ; Flash in browser ; Heap size for Flash per content type (MB) 2 ; Language support for device fonts and input according to i-mode specifications ; Enabled sound formats for Flash: Midi
SVG : Links ; Opacity and gradients ; SVGT 1.1 ; SVGT 1.2 ; System fonts
Connectivity : Network Data Support: EDGE ; GSM/GPRS ; UMTS ; HSDPA, Radio Bands: 1800 ; 1900 ; 2100 ; 850 ; 900, Local Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Regions : Americas ; Asia Pacific, including China ; Europe ; Middle East and Africa
Miscellaneous : Theme Version: Themes Version 4.7, Browser: NetFront™ v 3.4, DRM: OMA v1.0 ; OMA v2.0


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