a fashion phone from LG is LG KF600

LG KF600 is a fashion phone by LG introduces the output as a substitute IteractPad D-pad.
InteractPad is access panels on the main menu touch-screen technology or a touchscreen.
Mobile LG KF600 is a unique route to install the search engine Yahoo! Go instead of Google Search as a built-in Samsung U900.
LG KF600 is also equipped with Anti Theft Tracker that have the same capabilities with a Samsung Mobile Tracker.
LG KF600 mobile phone has a competitor Samsung U900, Samsung E950 and LG KF510.
KF600 brings unique design of Motorola hape fashion. Hape slide wrapped with black all over his body and the list is circular chrome around the front of the body. On the back, KF600 applying rubberized plastic to avoid the slip of time held. To the front, as usual glass mirrors and glossy effect is added to sweeten the look.
What is unique, carrying two screens KF600. At the top of the screen is bigger than the bottom, and top of the screen is the main screen hape. Well, the small screen size of 1.5 inches below the access access touch features touch-sensitive.
In the slide closed, the KF600 looks minimal. Only the right and left side of this hape contained buttons. One more thing, there's no navigation buttons on this hape because his role has been replaced by touch sensitive screen. While the lift-lid and close (C) is placed with alphanumeric keypad in the slide below.
Element of fun to be a major in KF600. Features in this hape intended to entertain and support the style of its users. The presence of dual screen, with one-touch access to function as a touch sensitive feature. This screen has a name InteractPad. Unique function InteractPad is not only displays an arrow or okay button.
256 color display with resolution color 176 x 240 pixels, can also nampilin InteractPad animation, images, icons and menu button. Even in the picture mode, the screen can function InteractPad map. It does have InteractPad diverse functions, changing according to the menu mode running hape. The more interesting again KF600 is equipped with a choice of themes by Keith Haring artificial images.
FYI, the artist Keith Haring is a street culture from the United States. The results of his work has brought unique style of abstract flow. Unfortunately Keith Haring died in 1990, his age was still 31 years old. At present the works of Keith Haring managed by several colleagues and relatives by setting up Keith Haring Foundation.

In addition to user interface and InteractPad, KF600 also serve other fun, like the special games that run with the touch system, 3 Mpix camera, Yahoo! Go v2.0, and certainly do not miss the music player plus video. Complete? Not really, in the Internet sector supplied only KF600 GPRS and EDGE technologies.
Especially if it was not mandatory InteractPad first dicobain of this KF600. Using this hape InteractPad no different from the features touch sensitive keys on the other Motorola hape earlier. It's just carrying a lot of functions InteractPad that allows us to access all the menus in the hape, in any fashion. Udah gitu full-color displays, not boring.
Sensitivity also udah oke. If the first bit lelet emang, it was reasonable to do first screen calibration settings. If you've set it must be more comfortable deh. Getting good again, it also brings InteractPad vibration and sound effects when we touch. Let taste touching gitu deh beneran button.
Matter of convenience to use this hape also not a problem. Although the keypad in the slide area looks crowded but nice squeeze fact tetep kok. In the camera mode is provided by two access options shot button, with InteractPad and the camera button on the right side. After a try, I prefer regular pake camera button.
In this hape has autofocus feature that works when pressing the button halfway, with a button you can feel beneran mencet gimana half that. Susah pake deh if IntercatPad. Oya, InteractPad not nyediain keypad or virtual keboard when we want to typing SMS or Email. We got to typing pake its alphanumeric keypad. Yeah, not period dipake've created hell.


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