Stealth iBot, the 21th Century Computer Spy

Technology is never stop innovating, one of the latest technology that becomes the hot topic recently is one tiny device that is able to record all the recent activities from a computer just by a simply plug in then retrieve.

You must be thinking that this device is your way to do any computer spy. Well, since this device is allowed to be used in personal computer only, you can spy your children computer so will know what their current activities because as parents you have right and obligation to protect your children. Moreover, if you curious about the activity of your employer you can use this computer spy to check their computer, so you will know what he is currently working on because if there is something which is able to put your company in danger you will find it out. One thing you should know from this tiny device called Stealth iBot is that it is untraceable, so you don’t need to worry because the computer will not find out that their computer is just being spied.

For the further information about the ability and benefits that you can get from this computer spy you can visit for the details.


  1. Was added leading edge technologies, powerful and Fenemenal

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  3. santai ada mata2 komputer.. anak2 bisa di kontrol dari jauh. terima kasih infonya.

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  6. thanks for the info and explanation provided


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