Saturday, November 14, 2009

Upload Your File and Earn Money with

Dealing with a big size file that you should send to your friend sometimes can be very annoying because mostly email capacity cannot provide you enough space to send it. That is why in this matter you need one file sharing medium which is not only reliable but also trustworthy.

One website with file sharing service that is highly recommended today is Miss Upload. This website provides you space up to 300 Mb to upload your file and share it friend. It much more bigger if compared to the space that email provide to you which is only about 25 Mb max per email. The system is easy, if you have a big file under 300 Mb but more than 25 Mb, this website is solution, what you should do is just uploading the file, getting the link, then let your friend downloading it from wherever they are. It is easy, fast, flexible and surely safe. Moreover about this site, you are also able to earn money from the file that you upload.

Well, if you are interested to get $10 for 1000 unique downloads find out the further information just by a simply clicking to their website in for the details.

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jhonson blog said...

nice info...keep posting :)

warung informasi said...

dah lama ga berkunjung.. kumaha damang ceu devianty..

mochal said...

wow.. earn money sound interesting

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