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Apparently the fast growing Internet technology opens opportunities for all people to easily access a variety of information or news with quick access, and easy. Today, the Internet becomes part of the essential needs for many people, the Internet needs a very important and given the impact on increasing the number of internet users, so maybe if the internet users every year will continue to rise throughout the world.
Easy access and the number of information obtained to be reasons Internet users. Can not be denied again that was the development of technology called the internet, have changed the pattern of community interaction, ie; interaction of business, economic, social, and cultural. The Internet has contributed so much to society.
Along with the development of the Internet, the more opportunities for the development of the website in the future. The need for a website that increases website is increasingly pushing for reforms that suit their needs. Therefore the current development of the website has been developed following an increasingly complex marketplace.
Optimize the website is needed to compensate for the growth and development of internet marketing is growing every year. So that the website be more optimal then it is time when trying to use the website optimization.
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