Saturday, December 26, 2009

ClipAudio BT

New gadgets from Suvil Technologies Corp is ClipAudio BT is a Bluetooth wireless device which can be used for the following:
a) for listening to stereo music from mobile phones with Bluetooth A2DP technology.
b) as a hands-free device for a mobile phone.
c) for listening to stereo music from your computer up to 10 metres away*.
d) for wireless videoconferencing with Skype or MSN*.
e) For listening to music from other devices with an analogue stereo audio output (TV, MP3, DVD Player, Hifi, Radio, etc)**.

While you listen to stereo music from different Bluetooth devices or make wireless video conference calls, you can accept or reject phone calls at the same time if you have your Bluetooth mobile phone synchronised.

ClipAudio BT has a mini LCD that displays the battery level, incoming phone number when in synchronisation mode, etc.

ClipAudio BT also comes with an LED that indicates when it is switched on, charging or synchronised with another Bluetooth device. It also has keys for on/off, start/stop music, previous/next song and connection/disconnection with a mobile phone.

*Providing your computer has Bluetooth A2DP.
**If you have a Bluetooth A2DP device with a 3.5 mm analogue connector.

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