HealthLife Meter

HealthLife Meter from Suvil Technologies Corp. is a wrist meter for pulse and blood pressure. The regular metering of these parameters provides us with information on the general state of our health.
HealthLife Meter lets us record 30 measurements of systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse and meter reading date for 3 different people; this can help if, for example, we wish to see tension and pulse variations over a calendar month.
The procedure to take the tension and pulse is very simple: simply sit at a table, and place the HealthLife Meter in such a manner as the rear of the monitor presses against the front part of the wrist, then adjust the wrist band and fasten using the Velcro. The next step is to support the forearm on the plastic box which contains the product, with the HealthLife Meter at approximately the same height as our heart, and then press the start button and wait a few seconds to obtain the results.
HealthLife Meter has a large7 digit LCD screen, making it much easier for the elderly to read it; moreover its reduced size means it can be easily transported anywhere.


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