Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The “I-T” Click, Click BT

The “I-T” Click, Click BT, from Suvil Technologies, is an optical Bluetooth mouse operated with the index finger and thumb. The index finger presses the top button and is equivalent to the left button on a conventional mouse, while the thumb controls the side button and is equivalent to the right button.
The “I-T” Click, Click BT has been specially designed and patented. It is highly stylised with specially designed contours for an easier and more comfortable grip, lessening hand fatigue in the user.
The side button on the mouse is located a little behind the top button to match the natural position of index finger and thumb.
Also, when you put your hand on the mouse, the index finger moves naturally from the top down, while the thumb presses from the outside in to make a click.
Placing the buttons this way gives a highly stylised feel to the mouse.
The “I-T” Click, Click BT has a mini dual colour LED to indicate the mouse status. It flashes when the mouse battery is low, and is re-charged by plugging into a USB port on your computer while you carry on using it.
There are two energy saving modes: The first is the "rest" mode, which is activated automatically after 30 seconds without use. The mouse only consumes 1.5 mA in this mode, and can be returned to normal use by moving it or clicking on the top button.
After 5 minutes without use, the “I-T” Click, Click BT goes into “sleep” mode, with a consumption of only 0.3 mA. Clicking on the top button brings it back into normal use.
The “I-T” Click, Click BT has a resolution of 1.000 CPI.
There is a USB cable to recharge the battery from a laptop computer and an extension USB cable (male/female) if using a desktop.

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