The new Magic Mouse from Apple

To welcome the year 2010 Apple issued a new product called the Magic Mouse, who is magic because it has a wireless multitouch features on the surface above. The latest innovations Apple has shifted the position of Mighty Mouse 2005 which previously had ruled the world. Perhaps the users more familiar with the use of Mighty Mouse on appeal with the Magic Mouse, but along with the sophistication offered by the user can certainly accept the presence of Magic Mouse
Apple released the mouse is not only right-click and left alone. However, users can use one finger to scroll anywhere, not just up and down or from side to side.
Mouse Magic also supports the movement of friction, although not the same as that found in Apple's multitouch trackpad. Swipe with two fingers to the left will bring Safari to the previous page. Similarly, swiping left or right with two fingers, would bring to the picture before or following the iPhoto application.
If you are not interested in Magic Bluetooth Mouse, buyers can still choose the cable version of Mighty Mouse now renamed the Apple Mouse. The company has lost the right to use the Mighty Mouse as the brand earlier this month.
The new Magic Mouse uses optical tracking laser that can be used in various types of surfaces. Magic Mouse activated by two AA batteries, and Apple says can survive for about four months.
When she was not this magical device dugunakan also was able to detect and manage electricity to the button below can live or die. To mengguakan this device you must use Mac OS X v10.5.8 or Wireless Mouse Software Update
Mouse magic can be found in the iMac which was redesigned. If you want to buy separately you can spend the money of U.S. $ 69.


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