Nokia VS Apple : fight in court?

Is it true that Apple had stolen the company's patents for Nokia? No official response from Apple's own party. However, rumors say that today's largest mobile phone producer Nokia has been demanding world of Apple, because the suspect had violated patents on technology used by the iPhone's most popular smartphones.
Nokia say that Apple has failed to pay compensation for the use of technology patents and has accused the iconic company's technology to try to contribute to innovation that Nokia just released.
Nokia lawsuit has been filed with the Federal District Court in Delaware USA, with the demands associated with the fundamental technology in the manufacture of compatible devices with one or more standard phones. The lawsuit includes patents covering ten wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption have been violated by all the models since the Apple iPhone was first introduced in 2007.
In order to create a super-sophisticated technology in the smartphone, the Nokia research claims to have spent U.S. $ 60.1 billion over the last 20 years.
It says most mobile phone companies have signed another agreement on technology licensing. But Apple, is said not to sign the agreement.
As part of the authorities throughout the world phone, the first time in the history of Nokia sales, was Nokia's first quarter was a loss because most customers use the iPhone is said to move.


  1. wakh keliatannya lagi sepi nih.....ayo dong...maju terus pantang mundur

  2. this my subjective reason: I choose apple for the best feature and speed. thanks

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