Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Popaye and Google Doodles

Do you like the work of the google doodle, they created to honor the work or services from famous people? Google doodle creation of truly extraordinary after Michael Jackson, sesame street, Halloween etc this time for the lover of cartoons and comic strips will not popaye certainly familiar with the characters and popaye girlfriend Olive Oyl and Bluto villain!.
Popaye logo theme this time made Google Doodles to participate enliven the birthday of the creator of popaye E. C. Segar's that to 115. E. C. Segar was born on December 8, 1894. Than Popeye, the character, was first introduced on January 17, 1929 in a comic strip Thimble Theater.

2 comments: "Popaye and Google Doodles"

JR said...

wakh...trends nih...wuakakakakakaka

captain said...

happy B'day Popeye ^_^. thanks for share nice info

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