Be careful with evil viruses that will attack your PC

There was no denying that was the PC and the Internet have a positive impact on world developments. In a small scope of the PC and the Internet has become part of our lives everyday, and even tend to help many of our jobs. One of the other complementary part of the PC and the Internet is a USB flash drive / Flashdisk. With the help of USB flash drives / Flashdisk also we can save and carry a variety of valuable data. Nearly one has started a capacity Flashdisk from lowest to highest capacity. even the flash has been made with a very attractive design. But behind the tiny display has the potential to be turned Flashdisk nest evil viruses.
Along with the development of this technology, the more opportunity for malicious programs (malware malicious code) to continue to appear even more modifications to continue to increase. Based on data obtained from the Kapersky antivirus Kapersky 5.0 version until March 2009 it has managed to detect about 20,000 malware has now penetrated even 20 million, save and backup your data so that no evil is contaminated.
what about the year 2010, would mean the better the chance the virus to develop a network? Careful!


  1. what do you think the best antivirus for 2009 ?

  2. aku pernah kena tuh dan skripsi jadi korban wkwkwwk...

  3. Thanks infonya., saya juga pernah kena dan karena itu saya bljr suatu hal. Saya juga punya sedikit tips buat mengatasi nya ( Semoga berguna

  4. gak gape bahase bule, sebagai gantinya tak kasih senyum paling mani$...:D

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